Dr Pimple Popper odkrywa 9 zasad walki z trądzikiem, które każdy powinien znać

Dermatolog Sandra Lee, MD (alias Dr. Pimple Popper), może być znana z pozbawiania się zry, ale jej rada w ogóle nie pozwoli im się skrępować.

Jeśli musisz pop, zrób to dobrze

Leave pimple popping to the pros. Doing it yourself could make the swelling worse or lead to scarring, says Sandra Dr. Pimple Popper Lee, MD, a dermatologist in Culver City, California. If you can’t resist popping it yourself, follow Dr. Lee’s mantra: Know when to pop and know when to stop. Messing with the red zits deep under the skin will only leave them even more inflamed. Wait until your pimple has come to a head, with a white center, or apply a warm compress to speed the process along, says Dr. Lee. When you’re ready to attack that sucker, start by washing your face and hands, and sterilize the pin with rubbing alcohol. Squeeze the pimple from all directions. The white and a bit of red will start to come out, but try not to overdo it, warns Dr. Lee. The more you push, the more swelling you have