8 cichych objawów cukrzycy ciążowej

Łatwo je odpisać jako częste dolegliwości związane z ciążą, ale te kluczowe objawy mogą sugerować cukrzycę ciążową.

Rozmazany obraz

Gestational diabetes, which occurs when pregnancy hormones interfere with the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, is actually difficult to diagnose through symptoms alone because it mimics typical pregnancy complaints. This is why in 2014, the U.S. Preventative Task Force recommended gestational diabetes screening for all pregnant women after 24 weeks, a test in which you drink a sweet liquid to see how your body handles the sugar. But there are some signs that, if you experience them together, should prompt a call to your doctor. One such symptom is blurred vision. When blood glucose is high, the water content of the eye structures is affected, making it harder to focus